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Around the London Finance World in 4 Days

On Wednesday, fellow ex-MS intern, Saeed Amen, gave a wonderful introduction to global FX markets. Not about where any currency was going, but the insider mechanics of FX.

WeBank was kinda cool

There was a really good mix on the panel, and it's great to see people like Kubera Money getting geared up for launch.

WeBank Logo

Also, James Gardner does indeed make an excellent pantomime villain (and he loves being one!).


On my friend's shopping site, which I built for him. (Not massively original design, I admit, but it brings in the money.)

The trick is to have clear individual pages for the subject of the users search. Alibaba's site is centered on their suppliers instead.


The Next Big Thing After Rails and Django Will Be Compojure

Since LISP is due for a comeback from the 80s, and it's written by my old housemate from uni.

Tiers of Web Hardness

This is my attempt at a crude tiering system for web site complexity. I've defined six tiers with vague time/cost estimates and some handy links. Moving up the tiers in cost means the project's starting point moving down the technology stack [Linux at the bottom, PHP is the middle, the browser's at the top]. Changing a few layouts on Blogger is much easier than custom coding your own stock exchange.

(All estimates are vague, non-binding, almost certainly wrong by an order of magnitude in your particular case.)

Random Comment on Job Market

"Perhaps this is the true breaking point - where the fruppochino drinkers fail to produce enough goods to motivate the fruppochino servers - rather than any specific debt or capital level"

Rest of comment here

Twitter vs The World

I'm just saying that, if you're a pure web business (like say Edicy) and you're based in NYC/SoCal/London most of your customers are people who if you met...

NHibernate & Spring - User Permissions Thoughts

I'm toying with an auction site idea, mostly to brush up my .Net 3.5, and I have an interesting problem. If I have objects who's permissions, and possibly behaviour is dependant on the currently active user, how do I tell them about it?

I could first mark every object with an interface.

public interface ICurrentUserAware
Person CurrentUser { get; set; }

Then inject each one as it was loaded from the database using the Hibernate Template's interceptor functionality.

Android Demo

Demodroid Android App in Simulator

You can't tell from the image, but those touch screen generated little balls are fading in and out while bouncing under Newtonian gravity. There's also some techno music in the background for early 90s nostalgia.

I'm seriously thinking of an Android phone, it's good stuff.

The Barker Media Cube

I was bored and had a pen. And so ...

The Cube

Hardness being how severely a message affects your life.

Bigness means institutional or mass organisations. The State is the biggest thing, your pub locals are fairly small.

So Twitter is down near the origin, and a stock quote passed between two small pension funds is somewhere near the middle!


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