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I am Thomas Barker, a software developer. Most of my career has been spent building mid-tier software for early growth start-ups. I'm especially interested in financial services and large web deployments.

I use my experience to help people trying to do new things whether in an early stage start-up or an established company striking out into a new area. Currently, I'm mostly based in East London and mostly working in FinTech.

I used to work at BullionVault in west London. I did a lot of different things there, mostly writing logic for our internal accounting and money handling systems, but a little bit of almost everything.

Gold and vaults

Spent two years fiddling with the insides of Zopa the UK's first peer-to-peer lending site.

Zopa Site Down

In the past I helped to organise London's first BarCampBank and I still help the new organisers when I can.

Session board for BCBL1

Since uni I've done various things, much of which has involved XML.

XML Books

Picked up some industrial skills...

Misc certificates and logs

I studied computer science at Warwick University.

Warwick Campus

While I was at university I interned at Morgan Stanley. I learned a lot about money there :-)

Docklands at Night

When I was young I grew-up in small town west Sweden.

Small town teenagers