Curriculum Vitae


My experience is mainly in fast growth start-ups, as such I am very familiar with scaling and operational challenges. I would like to use that experience to help people trying to do something new, whether in an early stage start-up or an established company striking out into a new area. I take a particular interest in retail finance, infrastructure and trust-minimised (ex. blockchains, onion routing, etc) systems.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 28th of October 1981
Languages: Native English, fluent Swedish

Skill Areas

Web Development Developed code for three websites featured on television.

Retail Finance Worked in both consumer lending and asset management. Have passed the SII Certificate in Securities & Financial Derivatives. Experience of two in-house exchange & trading systems.

Blockchain Working on a PoC for a major UK institution, an open source project and involved in an Ethereum study group.

Infrastructure Everything from database clusters to office networking.

Back Office Integration Data integration, administrative UIs, screen scraping.