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Enforceability: Finding a Home for Tobin Taxes

A few months ago, I had a discussion (read argument) with some more left-wing friends (full disclosure: I'd like a 30% smaller, highly localised state, with the rich paying for everything) about the Tobin Tax. A tax to be levied on a small percentage of the value of every foreign exchange transaction. Apparently this will stabilise the FX markets, making incidents like the Asian currency crisis less likely.

Your account is probably compromised

"Dear Customer, your computer is probably compromised and several criminals probably have full access to your all your accounts. Neither me, nor my company are particularly concerned. It almost certainly doesn't matter, and will never affect you if we do our job properly."

Back of Envelope Monetary Theory

Note: This was caused by me having three arguments about community currencies in as many days. I figured I ought have a better (and more respectful) objection than "fluffy".

Money is a flow system. We only use money for transferable value. A pile of gold in a cave is not money, it's just a hoard. Money is fungible transferable material goodness. (If you mint the gold, it's money.)

Twitter vs The World

I'm just saying that, if you're a pure web business (like say Edicy) and you're based in NYC/SoCal/London most of your customers are people who if you met...

Platform Banking: An Email Thread

An old mail thread from about 6 months ago between myself and Antony Evans.


Amusing video below:

Do you think some of these issues are faced by banking consumers?



Prescient aren't I?

Orphaned Mortgage Article

I had a mortgage article I was hoping to finish off with someone more credible and publish properly, but it wasn't to be.

Here's the draft.


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