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Back of Envelope Monetary Theory

Note: This was caused by me having three arguments about community currencies in as many days. I figured I ought have a better (and more respectful) objection than "fluffy".

Money is a flow system. We only use money for transferable value. A pile of gold in a cave is not money, it's just a hoard. Money is fungible transferable material goodness. (If you mint the gold, it's money.)

Twitter vs The World

I'm just saying that, if you're a pure web business (like say Edicy) and you're based in NYC/SoCal/London most of your customers are people who if you met...

Platform Banking: An Email Thread

An old mail thread from about 6 months ago between myself and Antony Evans.


Amusing video below:

Do you think some of these issues are faced by banking consumers?



Prescient aren't I?

Orphaned Mortgage Article

I had a mortgage article I was hoping to finish off with someone more credible and publish properly, but it wasn't to be.

Here's the draft.


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