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I am Thomas Barker, a software developer. Most of my career has been spent building mid-tier software for early growth start-ups. I'm especially interested in financial services and large web deployments.

Currently I'm working full-time in West London. I've done a lot of different things there, but at the moment I mostly write logic for our internal accounting systems, deal with money handling and care for the Linux servers.

(Recruiters: It's always nice to be noticed, but please don't call our main switchboard at work. It's for customers. Just email me.)

Spent two years fiddling with the insides of Zopa the UK's first peer-to-peer lending site.

Zopa Site Down

In the past I helped to organise London's first BarCampBank and I still help the new organisers when I can.

Session board for BCBL1

Since uni I've done various things, much of which has involved XML.

XML Books

Picked up some industrial skills...

Misc certificates and logs

I studied computer science at Warwick University.

Warwick Campus

While I was at university I interned at Morgan Stanley. I learned a lot about money there :-)

Docklands at Night

When I was young I grew-up in small town west Sweden.

Small town teenagers